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Leadership Development

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thumb_IMG_1793_1024Change is inevitable. Are you ready?

Restructuring or retiring, change is inevitable. Developing leaders isn’t just a good idea, it’s key to your company’s future success.

The Kelmore Group will help you identify and develop the right people for the right positions.

Developing leaders is an investment in your company’s future, invest wisely.

Leadership Develop starts with assessing the strengths and gaps in your leadership team. 360 degree feedback will help each member of your leadership team understand how their actions are landing for others. What’s working and what’s not? From there leadership development plans are created that address leadership issues and help align each member with your organization’s strategy. Imagine all members of your team working in alignment towards a common goal?


"...Kerri's insights into the issues and challenges we are facing has proven to be invaluable. Particularly impressive to me is her ability to help individuals at all levels gain perspective on their situations. On a personal level, Kerri has helped me to better understand my strengths and opportunities and I believe I have become a stronger leader as a result."

Karen van Schie Director of Operations,
Terminal City Club

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”
Warren Bennis