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Executive Coaching Vancouver

The Kelmore Group provides one-on-one Career Development, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching. From business owners to senior executives, managers and other business professionals, The Kelmore Group will help you develop your skills to lead with clarity, authenticity and influence.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees, so it is with leadership. If you don’t have a clear vision of the type of leader you are and where you’re going, then it’s hard for others to follow.
Working with a Certified Executive Coach will help you to see clearly what your purpose, values and vision are. Executive Coaching will help you build on this platform to increase your leadership impact.


Are you leveraging the resources and talent available to you? Is your team engaged and aligned with your vision? Learn how to use your resources effectively, build engagement and accountability, and get the results you know are attainable.

The Kelmore Group’s Executive Coaching is the key to not only unlocking your potential, but also the potential around you. Call The Kelmore Group today.


Our Client Testimonials

  • “…Kerri is a fantastic executive coach and advisor. I am not overstating to say that working with Kerri is the single best personal investment in my career…”

    Chris Lavin Member at Large, Board of Directors CMC Canada

  • “…I feel more optimistic, self assured and in harmony with the people in my work place. Kerri has a natural instinct…”

    Eva ThomasEva Thomas, MD, PhD, FRCP(C) Clinical Professor, UBC Site Director, Acute Care Microbiology Children’s and Women’s Hospital

  • “The business world can be tough. Competing demands, grueling schedules and impatient stakeholders made it easy for me to get bogged down in self-doubt and second guessing. Kerri was just the right person to come alongside and give a sense of clarity and proportion. She is able to see past the ‘noise’ and focus on the substance. Ever truthful, but always kind; optimistic yet realistic; engaging and warm. She carries a deep well of experience that translates into solid, actionable wisdom. It’s fair to say that she’s completely changed my trajectory and the way I think about work and my place in it.”

    Kevin Unger Vice President, Finance & Administration, Regent College

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